Asheron’s Call 2 has returned! We have opened up a new server for anyone who has an active Asheron’s Call subscription to play Asheron’s Call 2 for free! Although we would have loved to revisit some of our old characters with you, we were not able to bring over any of your old characters. We do, however, present this new Asheron’s Call 2 server, Dawnsong, to all active Asheron’s Call players with a paid subscription or who purchase an ACTD retail key and subscribe.

What does this mean to you?

Below is a link to the Asheron’s Call 2 client installer so you may get the game up and running. This will provide access to the new Dawnsong server. Although the server has passed our initial tests, we have a lot of monitoring and tweaking to do to the game environment and we want to ensure that our players understand that. This game service will be provided as a beta for all players with an active Asheron’s Call account. That said, the game server is currently up and running. So join us for a nostalgic trip back to a Dereth where the golden age was not interrupted.

If you are an active paid AC1 subscriber there will be no need to create a new account for Asheron’s Call 2; you will simply log into the Asheron’s Call 2 game using your current Asheron’s Call credentials.

Please note that this is a beta, the environment might have some known issues that we will be working on. The friend’s list and squelch list functionality, for example, will not be available when this new server goes into beta. As can happen during a beta release, the server might be taken down for maintenance or troubleshooting at some inconvenient times if deemed necessary. See you in game!

Download the installer: Asheron's Call 2 Download

Where can I change my keymapping

The Keymapping panel is accessed from the character selection screen rather than from inside the game.

How can I change my resolution if I can't see the bottom of my resolution menu?

If you can't 'see' the resolution you can edit your Edit Preferences.ini file directly.

set "DisplayResolution=resolution_number"

where resolution_number is:

(screen_width * 65536) + screen_height


Width	Height	resolution_number
800	600	52429400
1024	768	67109632
1280	1024	83887104
1366	768	89522944
1440	900	94372740
1600	900	104858500
1600	1200	104858800
1680	1050	110101530
1920	1080	125830200
1920	1200	125830320
2048	1536	134219264
2560	1440	167773600
2560	1600	167773760
2560	2048	167774208
If your number or resolution is wrong or not supported the game will reset to default video resolution setting automatically at client initialization.

My sound doesn't work and I have a Xonar sound card. Any work arounds?

If you are having issues getting sound to work with Xonar sound cards make sure the Gx emulation is not active on the Xonar console.

Should I report in game spamming and abuse on the forums?

Please do not bring matters of abuse, spamming or other similar matters to the forums. You can submit a ticket using the in game reporting button to bring up the support website. As a policy we do not discuss these matters on the forums. If the problems are particularly severe and your ticket hasn't been answered then you can PM us directly.

We look forward to seeing you in game!

The Asheron's Call 2 team