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    Need help with starting over

    I played 10 years ago, but I need help starting over. I would like to spec sword, and life seems like a good choice as well. Not sure what else to get or more importantly when to get them. So much has changed since I played, so I need some help with my initial chatacter. I already gimped my first character, and I don't want my second one to have the same fate. I also play on darktide. I have looked at the wikki and found some good templates, but they don't go into detail on when to spec certain skills. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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    Re: Need help with starting over

    welcome back. the skills system had a overhaul this last feb. you no longer are a sword character. you now choose to be heavy, finesse, or light for single handed melee characters. all skill sets can use every type of weapon. you then choose a mastery of a certian weapon type and recieve a 5% bonus when your holding that weapon in combat. you also can take dual weild as a skill and attack with weapons in bolth hands. there is alot of new skill combanations to try! anyways if your on Frostfell hit me up in game I play as Verbalistic and ill try to help you out.

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    Re: Need help with starting over

    There's really no such thing as a "gimped character". You don't have to start over, you can just "redistribute" skills to make them work in "Today's AC".

    Take a look at this article on how to do it:
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