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    Gaming is Good For You :)

    I've been so busy with work and family that I haven't been able to get much AC in since the summer. This morning, The Wall Street Journal had an article arguing that gaming speeds thinking, boosts creativity and brain power, and enhances motor skills

    "People who played action-based video and computer games made decisions 25% faster than others without sacrificing accuracy."
    "33 laparoscopic surgeons who had played videogames for at least three hours a week made 37% fewer errors on advanced surgical skills than those who did not."
    "The more that middle-school boys and girls played electronic games, the higher their scores on the widely used Torrance Test of Creativity. The genre of the game didn't matter."
    "Practiced game players can pay attention to more than six things at once without getting confused."
    "The powerful combination of concentration and rewarding surges of neurotransmitters like dopamine strengthen neural circuits in much the same way that exercise builds muscles."
    Nice to read an article that didn't bash gaming for too much violence and nudity (like Hollywood hasn't accomplished that already). I guess I need to get some AC in soon


    source: When Gaming Is Good For You - By Robert Lee Hotz. WSJ 3/6/2012

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    Re: Gaming is Good For You :)

    Very good stuff, especially the multi-tasking bit! People at my work aren't gamers, and are flabbergasted about how I can chat via IM with multiple people, compose an email, search for information via the Google tubes, and hold a phone conversation with a customer at the same time.

    I would definitely say that being a gamer has improved the quality of my work and the speed at which my brain processes information.

    Of course, it's all about balance!
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