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Thread: Invoking Stones

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    Invoking Stones

    I'd like to suggest any or all of these changes to the invoking stones found in the Pyramids at the Patriarch's Valley:
    • Decrease difficulty of the stone-dropping creatures in the pyramids in some way (lower HP, lower spell spamming, etc)
    • Increase drop rate of invoking stones.
    • Decrease number of stones needed for the titles.

    When the stones were first introduced, they were part of live-event style raids that would draw out large crowds to fight the marauders, and there were additional incentives for people to come out at fight: MFKs, grand casino keys, and exp for some kill tasks. Now, the extra rewards are gone, and the only point to fighting the marauders is to collect invoking stones for titles - a solo activity.

    Basically, the nature of the quest has changed - from a large group event to a solo activity, but the difficulty and time required have not changed to match. As a title collector, I would really like to obtain some of these titles, but with the current state of the quest I don't see that ever happening - I simply don't have the time to collect 1000+ stones by killing swarms of fairly difficult creatures in cramped hallways with a low drop rate of said item. So yes, this is a selfish request, but one that I feel is justified by the quest changing from a group to a solo activity.
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    Re: Invoking Stones

    I just finished getting each title. Took me over a year of casually going in, getting a bunch of stones, then taking a break. Certainly wasn't enjoyable.
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    Re: Invoking Stones

    Never did get or want the titles but I've never had much issues solo'ing the boss at the end with 5-7 other little minions in there. Even in the cramped hallway.

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