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    Turbine Reset Password Request email

    I received the following email this morning...

    Hello xxxxxxxxx,

    A request has been made to change the password for your Turbine Account.
    Please follow the link below to change your password:

    (link deleted here... but i can PM it if wanted)

    If you feel that this request is in error, or you did not make this
    request, log into your account to verify your settings. To manage your
    Turbine Account, please visit:

    To manage your Turbine Account, log in with your username, "xxxxxxxxxx"
    (without quotes), at:

    Thank you,
    Turbine Account Team
    I'd like to verify that this email came from your company. I have made no request to alter my password on any of my accounts. Nor do I use the account in question on any of the Turbine forums or boards.

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    Re: Turbine Reset Password Request email

    There are cases when you get sent one of these because someone put in the wrong username accidentally.

    If you're worried about it though despite this definitely just hop over to and perform the reset request yourself and change the password.

    The lnks in your email point to the correct sites from the looks of your copy/paste. (best bet when your suspicious is to go to directly by manually typing it into your browsers address bar)
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    If you submit a request via the support page linked above, make sure you log into your email providers website to check spam/junk mail folders as well as adding '' to their "safe senders" list if they have one. They often may flag them as such and won't let your email program or cell phone download/view them or alert them (and thereby you) to these being marked this way.

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    Re: Turbine Reset Password Request email

    I will say, when trying to remember out my account login when re-subbing after many years, I was using all sorts of variables. Many came back with "account not recognized" - but a lot came back with "reset information sent to email on file" - when i checked my email, I didn't receive anything.

    Eventually, I remembered my correct login information, which wasn't close to what I was trying.. soooo that tells me, I was guessing, by accident, actual, valid login user names of other people's accounts, and of course, wrong passwords.. so, I'm guessing they were getting emails just like you got... that was over a month ago, though.

    So, someone may not be trying to hack your account, or maybe they are, or maybe they're just trying to get back into the game after many years...

    Could hapen, especially if your login is sort of generic.


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